Blaine Hobson

Blaine is currently Chairman of the Whitecap IV Investment Committee and Partner in Fund III. Blaine is an experienced operator, manager, and investor with more than 30 years of experience successfully starting, building and running companies. He has direct leadership experience as a founder and CEO in a variety of diverse industries including automotive manufacturing, medical tech, telecom, and food tech. This “in the trenches” experience allows Blaine to connect with young entrepreneurs and contribute tremendously to Whitecap’s “value add”.

As a Partner in Whitecap I, II & III, Blaine has had active involvement in a multitude of successful companies in telecom, software, medical tech, advanced photonics, and food tech.

Blaine is active in the community, including his involvement with the Steps Foundation and Hospice King.

He holds a degree from the Richard Ivey School of Business at the University of Western Ontario.